Dwyane Wade Regrets 2002 Surgery Which Led To All His Knee Problems


Say what you want about Dwyane Wade, but he’ll go down in history as one of the better shooting guards to ever play in the NBA.

Wade now struggles with chronic knee issues, and can point directly to when everything changed in his knees.  Wade during an interview admitted that a 2002 surgery he had while still at Marquette led to all his recent knee problems.

With hindsight, Dwyane Wade says surgery to remove the meniscus from his left knee 11 years ago while he was at Marquette led to the ongoing knee problems he’s had with the Miami Heat.

“My knee problems and the things I’ve dealt with started from that,” Wade said. “That was [11] years ago and technology was different and the way you approach things was different.

“At that moment, if everyone looked ahead and said, ‘Dwyane’s going to have a 20-year career, maybe we should do something different,’ maybe I wouldn’t have [knee issues]. At that time it was to get me back on the basketball court and do what is best.”