Eagles Owner Says Finding Franchise QB is No. 1 Priority


A day after Chip Kelly said he’s not thinking about who will be the team’s quarterback next year, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie took to the airwaves to let Kelly and other know that having a franchise quarterback in place next year is the top priority.

“We need someone to step up, whether it’s an existing young quarterback or somebody we go out and acquire,” Jeffrey Lurie told Geoff Mosher of CSNPhilly.com.  “We know — this is no secret — quarterback is the [ultimate] position and the most important difference-maker.”

It didn’t take a genius to know that Michael Vick likely won’t be back with the Eagles next season.  He definitely won’t be there as a starter.

Lurie then seemed to take a shot at Vick with his next comment.

“We want to have very healthy, high ability at that position, with excellent leadership and a lot of smarts and a lot of moxie.  Someone that really can take that position and run with it,” Lurie said.


Lurie then reiterated that we may have seen the last of Michael Vick for awhile.

“And so Nick is going to have a great opportunity to showcase what he’s done. He’s had some outstanding games and he’s had one poor game,” Lurie said.  “Time will tell. I think it’s really wide open for those that are on the team and it’s wide open for what our strategy might be if we don’t have it.  But it’s a No. 1 priority.  We’ve got to solidify that position in a really good way.”

That sounds to me like Lurie and management crew will spend the next few months figuring out how land the prized quarterback, Marcus Mariota.


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  • The Eagles need to find a decent defensive line as well!

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