Eagles Parking Lot Attendant Steals $225k From Player’s Bank Account


I am guilty of leaving checking account info, bank and ATM receipts in my car. If anyone got a hold of them, they would be lucky to get $225, but for one Eagles player it cost him $225k.

A parking lot attendant who watched over cars belonging to the Philadelphia Eagles as they played was accused this morning in stealing more than $225,000 from one of the player’s bank accounts.

Robert Von Ryan, 37, of Philadelphia, was charged with bank fraud. According to federal prosecutors, Von Ryan entered the vehicle of an Eagle identified as “T.H.” From the car, he took documents that contained the player’s checking account number .

Using the number, Von Ryan transfered $225,034.52 from the player’s UBS checking account to his own, said U.S. Attorney Zane David Memeger.

The only player with T.H. initials currently on the Eagles is guard Todd Herremans and I am pretty sure he will never leave bank accounts info in his car again.

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