Ed Reed Says He Can Still Do the Things He’s Always Done


Ed Reed doesn’t have an interception this season, and his performance against the Chiefs is better forgotten. He’s an 8 time All-Pro and was voted one of the Top 100 players in NFL history. These honors can’t go unnoticed, so what exactly is wrong with Reed this season? According to NBC Sports, Reed says it’s nothing and believes he’s still the same player he’s always been.

“I’m still focused. I’m still able to do the things that I know I can do, that I’ve been doing. It’s just a matter of getting opportunities and taking advantage of those opportunities. I can’t be lackadaisical when it’s time for me to make any play, whether it’s a tackle, fumble recovery, anything that it might be. [You] definitely will see a change.”

Reed did say that he felt that the ball wasn’t being thrown his way, but it never has been in the past either. Yet he still made plays for the Ravens and racked up interceptions. Reed is now 35, so Father Time just may be getting the best of him. Either way, it sounds like the once superstar may be in a little bit of denial.