Editor of Grambling’s Student Paper Fired For Showing Pics of Dilapidated Facilities


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The facilities are deplorable.  My high school which wasn’t a major powerhouse or anything had a better looking weight room, but when the student newspaper pointed that out, the school started firing people.

The online editor was fired and the opinions page editor is under a two-week suspension at Grambling State University’s student newspaper, The Gramblinite, following growing tensions there between students and administrators.

David Lankster Sr. said he’s been fired after tweeting statements from anonymous sources and photos of dilapidated facilities using the newspaper’s Twitter account, and he accused the school’s Director of Public Relations and Communications, former journalist Will Sutton, of attempting to censor student journalists.

“I was behind it. I was the only one on the ground hearing from the students and players,” said Lankster, the former sports editor who has worked at the paper since 2009. “Sutton was trying to mute our voice because we were tweeting the real news, the truth about what was going on.”

I can’t say I am surprised, this is the reason why the football players and others are so upset.  If the school spent more time fixing holes in the ceiling and less time trying to mute people’s voices, they wouldn’t have such a problem.

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14 thoughts on “Editor of Grambling’s Student Paper Fired For Showing Pics of Dilapidated Facilities

  • David Lankster Sr. is a journalist. It’s his job to report the facts even if it exposes Grambling State University. The entire administration should be fired, starting with the President.

  • There is no doubt in my mind that financial irregularities are occurring at Grambling.
    HBCUs have too many leftovers from the Civil Rights era and their mentality is “my way or the highway”.
    Malfeasance and corruption are huge in Louisiana politics, not surprised at the accusations being made about abuse of power.

  • I’ll bet Syracuse doesn’t have this problem.
    Where is all the NCAA money that this school receives going, anyway?
    Dump the entire administration.
    President, down to the coaching staff.
    17 hrs on a bus and the A.D. flies with the president?

  • I find this to be a consistent theme with HBCU’s. You administrators living the life and being compensated, while the school itself crumbles around them. It’s a combination of greed and fear of the truth getting out.

  • I wonder if Southern’s facilities have these problems? Are their football players getting staph infections?

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