Eli Manning: “The Division is Wide Open”

Eli Manning Face


You got to love Eli Manning, reality and prevailing perceptions never seem to phase him.

The New York Giants 2-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback, has gotten off to a rough start this season, throwing 12 interceptions in the first five games, and unsurprisingly the team has struggled also.

But according to a story via Tom Rock of Newsday, Manning still harbors hope that the Giants will recover from their 0-5 start and reach the playoffs due to the poor play of teams in the division so far.

“Yeah because (the division is) wide open and obviously we’re two games back right now,” he said. “Obviously we’ve got to play better football and do those things, but we still feel that we can get hot.”

“You never know,” Manning said of how things work out. “You never know in this situation, but this is the situation we’re in. We’ve got to play through it and just do whatever it takes.”

The way the Giants are playing right now, it doesn’t look like a postseason appearance is in their immediate future, but then again Eli has overcome the odds one too many times for me to completely dismiss their chances.