ESPN Ranks Kobe The 25th Best Player In The NBA


Are they trolling here?

ESPN is releasing their 2013 NBA player rankings and their 25th choice has people stunned.

The network asked their forecast panel to rank every NBA player on a scale of 1-10 based on what they expect their overall level of play will be this upcoming season. Lakers star Kobe Bryant was ranked 25th with a score of 7.78.

At 35, I think it’s important to realize that Kobe is on the downside of his career, although he still puts up numbers.  But I’m not sure how many would turn having him on their team down. I’m sure this will only serve to fuel the Mamba more. He may never pass the ball this season.

Please note that Chris Bosh will be ranked higher than Bean.


One thought on “ESPN Ranks Kobe The 25th Best Player In The NBA

  • Kobe definitely is older and slower, and is nowhere near explosive as he was, duh. But how you drop the kid from 7 to 25 just like that? Last season, as everyone knows,he still made major impact with that dysfunctional Lakers team, and contributed in a major way at this age.People actually accused him of possibly being on PED’s, like seriously, where’s the respect? You know how many accolades another NBA would recieve with 5 damn rings and even half of his reseme? Was MJ ranked number 25 at 35? That’s my only gripe with NBA opposed to other sports,they throw older players away like trash. It’s all about the “faces” of the league and commercialism. I never seen a player so disrespected his entire career, for no damn reason either. I remember when he was younger they tried to move Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter and a few others ahead of him. And I never seen them constantly bombarded with the “Assists” talk, they were accepted as the players they were in their positions who did great things to help their team win. Kobe is the the only NBA player who’s been seen through a biased pair of glasses his entire career. I better see the same done to other elite players in the future.

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