Ex-NBA Antonio Davis’ Wife Upset He is Taking Money Out of Their Joint Account


Antonio Davis Kendra Rae Davis

Antonio Davis was a solid player in the NBA for 13 years and made approximately $87 million. He has been married for 19 years to Kendra Rae Davis who filed for divorce this summer.

They have a joint bank account and Kendra is not happy Antonio is using some of the money to start his new life.

Kendra Rae Davis filed legal docs back in June to end their 19-year marriage. Since then she claims Antonio’s been blowing through money that belongs to both of them.

Here are the stats … She says since July, Antonio has pulled $133,510 from their joint checking account . She says he also bought himself a house using $563,041 of joint funds.

Antonio fired back in a letter to her … the house purchase was in the works before divorce papers were filed, so tough.

Kendra wants Antonio to pay back the loot — and pay her legal bills, too.

Let’s assume the majority of the money in the bank account came from Antonio’s work in the NBA and now as an analyst, who do you side with in this matter?


  1. Definitely have to side with Antonio…..he probably figures she will get spousal support anyway so he might as well spend the money now.

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