Ex-Reds Manager Dusty Baker Received Racist Hate Mail


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This story flat out sucks.

Dusty Baker felt his time in Cincy was growing to a close for quite a few reasons, but this most likely had to be the nail in the coffin. Via CBS Sports:

“The last couple weeks, I’ve been getting a rash of hate mail, racial mail,” he said. “Maybe it is time to go.”

“This is really ugly,” he said. “There are all sorts of references to Barack Obama. So now I know where they are coming from. I don’t know, maybe people are mad at him, so they don’t like the idea of blacks in authority.”

There is such a thing as staying someplace for too long and Dusty was right. The tension following this latest Reds playoff lost was sure to result in nothing but a hellacious 2014 season.

Sad story.


    • It’s not Ohio, It’s Dusty. Look at his record on how many pitchers arms he has blowed out as a manager. He SUCKD and can’t win the BIG game.

  1. I like Dusty as a person but it seems every time he loses a job there are racist letters that are being sent to him all of sudden. I think these letters seem a bit questionable when it is a pattern of excuse from someone.
    I don’t doubt the stupidity of people to write such emails but it seems odd that this happens to him everytime he loses a managers jobs.

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