Ex-Redskins DE Dexter Manley Called Troy Aikman “A Queer” On Radio (Audio)


Former Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley was a frequent guest on WTOP radio in Washington, DC.

As a guest. Manley would appear on air from time to time, to discuss the NFL. I said he was a guest, because Monday morning Manley ruined any chances of remaining on the station after he used a homophobic slur.

Manley was asked about the Redskins allowing 31 second half points to the Broncos.  He turned his attention to Troy Aikman.

“Was it a big jinx that Troy Aikman was doing the game, the former Cowboy?” Manley was asked at the end of the segment.
“I think Troy was a queer,” Manley said.
The hosts immediately made it clear that this wasn’t a topic for humor, and encouraged Manley to step back.
“I’m sorry about that,” he said. “I take that back….I apologize.”

Right after the segment, WTOP’s VP of news and programming went on Twitter to disassociate the station from those comments, and he proclaim that “Manley would not be appearing on the station again.”





H/T Deadspin