Former Brazilian Soccer Player Beheaded, Wife Finds Head on Doorstep


And professional athletes thought they had it bad in the U.S.

According to the Big Lead, Former professional soccer player Joao Rodrigo Silva Santos was reportedly abducted Monday outside his health food store in Rio de Janiero. The next morning, Santos’ wife woke up to find his severed head on her doorstep per the Daily Mail.

  • Witnesses saw armed men kidnap Joao Rodrigo Silva Santos on Monday
  • They waited for him outside his health foods shop in Rio de Janeiro
  • His wife discovered his severed head on her doorstep at 5.30am today
  • The head was in Joao’s own bag and his eyes and tongue were cut out
  • Police investigating if gruesome murder is linked to the wife’s police work
  • She does social work to take back control of favelas from drug gangs

This is beyond sad.

 Neighbors living close to the crime scene reported hearing a woman screaming: ‘My God, it’s Joao! It’s Joao’s head.’