Franklin From GTA V Claims He Once Knocked Out Ice Cube (Video)

Shawn Fonteno

The voice of Franklin in GTA V is a former rapper named Shawn Fonteno.

In this street interview with TMZ he talks about getting into a fight with Ice Cube. In the DVD “Beef 2” here is how he described it.

Back before he voiced Franklin the gangbanger in “Grand Theft Auto V,” Shawn Fonteno was a rapper who allegedly KNOCKED OUT Ice Cube in a legendary street fight … TMZ has learned.

Fonteno used to rap under the name Solo — and back in the day, he appeared in the documentary “Beef 2” describing a fight with Cube, in which he claims he KO’d the rapper over a business dispute and stole his chain.

The story was huge back in the ’90s … and the incident was a big part of the nasty feud between Cube and Cypress Hill, since Solo was tight with CH.

For all the money GTA V is making he should be able to have something better than Adidas track suit, but maybe he is just trying to stay in character.

11 thoughts on “Franklin From GTA V Claims He Once Knocked Out Ice Cube (Video)

  • This nigga finally hit a come up, and now wants to bring up that old-ass shit. Yes, we saw Beef II, when you described what happened between Cube and Cypress Hill. You are know for being a boring-ass character in a overrated-ass game. I see why Franklin is a wack-ass character now, a wack nigga is vocing him. Cube’s legacy and life >>>>>>>>>>>>>> an appearance in “The Wash”.

  • I believe this. Cube is short and fat, hence the nickname Doughboy! Common lyrically knocked him out (The Bitch In You). Cube can only act hard. He is straight out of South Central, but Oshay Jackson went to high school in the west valley. I wonder why?

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