Freddie Mitchell Blames McNabb’s “Sh*tty Ass Arm” For Eagles Losing Super Bowl

Freddie Mitchell

Eytan Shander hosts a NBC Sports Radio show with former Giants Amani Toomer. Rodney Harrison appeared on the show and while talking about the Jim Irsay vs. Peyton Manning beef, Harrison mentioned that Freddie Mitchell’s trash talking helped motivate the Patriots secondary in the Super Bowl.

Much ado about nothing right?

Well, I guess word got back to FredEx and this happened courtesy of SI Hot Clicks and 700 Level.

Freddie Mitchell

While the disagreement seems to be more about Harrison being suspended for a banned substance, I found the McNabb dig to be even funnier.

Eytan Shander show is really good on NBC Sports Radio you should check it out and follow him on Twitter @Shander_NBC.  Here is the full audio of the Harrison interview.