FSU QB Jameis Winston Calls Miami Their ‘little brother’ (Video)

jameis winston

Jameis Winston is on top of the world right now. His play has been off the charts so far this season and his Florida State Seminoles are in the hunt for the National Title. He hasn’t had many slip ups but he might regret this one. When talking about the rivalry between Miami and FSU, he called Miami their little brother:

“It’s more of like a brotherly game,” Winston said of the game. “Miami is obviously down south and it’s a big rivalry. But it’s like we’re going to be in the backyard playing against each other and we want to beat our brother. They want to beat a big brother and we want to beat a little brother. It’s still a friendly competition.”

I love this kind of talk in a rivalry. He didn’t say anything that bad but I am sure he will be issuing a statement clarifying his statements soon. Maybe the ‘Canes will use this as motivation though since they are 21 point underdogs in the game.

2 thoughts on “FSU QB Jameis Winston Calls Miami Their ‘little brother’ (Video)

  • feed the bear…idiot!

  • Oh for chrissakes, Greg, he said if [Miami] wants to BE the big brother and we wanta BE the little brother, it’s still a friendly competition.

    You should LISTEN before you write this stuff.

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