Future Timothy Bradley vs Floyd Mayweather Jr Fight Possible With Bradley Win Tonight


Timothy Bradley has a long night ahead of him. all week my prediction was for an 8th round KO of Bradley at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez, but I revisited both fighters last bouts that prediction seemed more flawed.

Bradley stood toe to toe with a heavy puncher and withstood, barely,  a flurry of punches to win the fight. He threw a few of his own that landed cleanly and showed he was versatile enough to box against anyone.

Marquez on the other hand was dominated by Manny Pacquiao for most of his fight and landed a timely KO punch when  Manny went in for the kill late in the round. Besides that punch Marquez seemed off balance and too heavy most of that fight. If it had gone two more rounds Marquez would probably have been the recipient of an ugly knockout and the ensuing memes.

At this stage of their career Bradley is the more active fighter and frankly the better overall boxer. With  that being said my prediction for tonight  is Bradley by Split Decision.

If Bradley is to come out victorious he’d now hold victories over tow of the greatest Welterweights this century and would make himself an intriguing match up for the third and most heralded, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

I’m fully aware of the Top Rank hurdle that stands in their way & the fact that Floyd has now taken his talents to Showtime, but a payday this large is something that Bradley could not afford to pass on. Floyd would surely receive his upwards of 40 million guaranteed but Bradley could demand the 10+ mil that Canelo received and carry the HBO All Acces. Show by himself leading up to the fight. Not having to split airtime and that money with another fighter would boost his endorsement money heading into the fight.

Floyd is most likely fighting Amir Khan in Las Vegas on May 3rd but his September fight date would become Bradley’s spot to have. Bradley would need one more fight between then, which he could choose to fight a lesser known opponent on a non-PPV card or go for another cash out and fight resurgent Miguel Cotto in Madison Square Garden. Cotto isn’t a puss over but that’d truly make Bradley’a case too much for Money May to ignore.

3 thoughts on “Future Timothy Bradley vs Floyd Mayweather Jr Fight Possible With Bradley Win Tonight

  • FMJ might Julio Chavez Jr. In May b/c Julio is a fa right now

  • Bradley won’t win. If he did, I doubt he would fight Mayweather becasue he is promoted by Arum. You know Arum does not want to do business with Mayweather.

  • Kel called it, Bradley wins. He won’t fight Mayweather. Arum is greedy. He only promotes fights when he controls both fighters; that way he doesn’t have to share the money. Possbile future fights may be a re-match against Pacquaio or a match against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

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