Gary Kubiak On Brian Cushing’s Knee: It Doesn’t Look Good


My prayers go out to Brian Cushing because you hate to see bad luck strike a guy in consecutive seasons.

The prognosis for Houston Texans middle linebacker does not look after taking this low block from Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles in the third quarter of the teams game.


According to Tom Pelissero of USA Today, Texans head coach Gary Kubiak was forthright when he stated that it doesn’t look good for Cushing’s knee.

One thought on “Gary Kubiak On Brian Cushing’s Knee: It Doesn’t Look Good

  • I understand when smug internet personas tell me that this hit is legal (and if they’re self-conscious they say it’s unfortunate), but what is Cushing supposed to do in that situation? I guess he could hurdle the blocker, and maybe that is a new skill all pass rushers must now learn. But that means taking your eyes off the passer if you’re rushing. What would be the effect on the pass rush for this kind of adjustment?

    I know that making rules on human behavior (usually it’s rules on behavior under duress) is infinitely complicated because because once we come up against a rule we adapt to it, usually finding new abusive ways around it. But is there an intelligent debate about this one? I’d love to have a link.

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