Giants’ CB Terrell Thomas Not Sure How Much His Teammates Care


The New York Giants are 0-6, pointing fingers at one another, and starting to become an absolute mess.

Every week a Giants player hops in front of a microphone and either accuses his teammates of quitting, or makes a claim stating that he’s going personally change things.

This week Terrell Thomas stepped up to the plate.

Thomas says he’s devastated about his team’s 0-6 start, but “he doesn’t know how bothered his teammates are.”  He was Asked if the entire locker room is as upset as he is, Thomas said he doesn’t think everyone is.

“I think some are, I think some don’t care,” Thomas said, via Conor Orr of the Star-Ledger. Who knows? I know one thing, this team is going to fight and not going to turn against each other.”

Thomas was asked to clarify his “some don’t care,” comment.

“Yeah. Everybody is different. Some people can lose a game and go about their day very easily. Others can’t sleep at night. I’m one of those guys. I didn’t get home until 4:30, and didn’t get to sleep until about 6. I was just laying in bed,” Thomas said.