Giants Resign Tim Lincecum To 2-Year $35 Mill Contract, Smart?

tim lincecum contract


Even though he’s been down, Tim Lincecum is still finding a way to cash in.

The Giants have resigned their former ‘freakish’ ace to a 2-year $35 million deal, complete with a no-trade clause.

The deal is pending a physical, and comes off the heels of Lincecum finishing up a $40.5  million contract which paid him $22 million a season.

Although Giants GM Brian Sabean stressed that resigning Lincecum was a priority, the move is still somewhat surprising given Lincecum’s inefficiency of late. Lincecum has had 3 consecutive losing seasons, this season he finished with a 4.37 ERA and 10-14 record.

Despite his recent struggles Lincecum is no doubt a fan favorite in San Francisco and the news comes as a relief.  But one must ask from a strictly on the field stance was this an intelligent move for the Giants?

Locking up Hunter Pence was a must, but was extending Lincecum really a priority–in fact was it even necessary? There’s a good chance that Tim’s best days have left him far in the dust and there’s no signs of the old Lincecum returning anytime soon.

Did the Giants make the right move for the franchise?