Government Shutdown Cancels Air Force vs Navy Game


The government shutdown is creeping into the sports world. Saturday’s Commander-in-Chief Trophy showdown between Air Force and Navy is canceled due to the current shutdown of the United States government.

The Department of Defense announced Tuesday that it has suspended all intercollegiate athletic competitions at the service academies, meaning no practices for the football teams at Army, Navy and Air Force. The shutdown also has an impact on the sports information department, and all media availability scheduled for Tuesday has been canceled.

Upper class cadets are considered military personnel and therefore considered part of the government. It’s a tough break for all involved to have the game cancelled. Hopefully our elected officials can get it together soon.

2 thoughts on “Government Shutdown Cancels Air Force vs Navy Game

  • Racists republicans not only hate the President, they also hate college football. By the way, The Boston College vs. Army game is also in danger of being canceled! Thank you cry baby John Boehner.

  • Anybody who votes republican in the 2014 election is not only an idiot, they are un-American. How dare those racist elephants do this to America!

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