Grambling’s Football Team Decides Not to Travel to Jackson St.


Grambling Football Protest

Honestly, I didn’t think they would take it this far, but after walking out of meeting with the President of the University and skipping a practice, they are serious about getting their voices heard.


  1. It’s obvious that the athletic department and the Grambling State President do not care about the football players. Why should the football players care about practicing and playing for the school.

    P.S. I’m nervous that the Bayou Classic might not be played.

  2. This is scary! Other HBCU’s are having tough financial problems. If Grambling State’s football team is shut down, other HBCU’s may follow!

    P.S. I would strike if the Athletic director forced me and my team mates to travel 1500 miles to play a football game on a bus!

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