Guy Threatens To Kill Brandon Jacobs’ Family Over Fantasy Football (Photos)


Here is the definition of fan*ta*sy- the faculty or activity of imagining things, esp. things that are impossible or improbable.

That means your fantasy football team isn’t real people.  It’s a way for people to play a game based off of having all their favorites players all on the same team.

It’s a game based off of stats and matchups, that’s it.  We all know that some people shouldn’t be allowed to play fantasy football.


According to the Newark Star Ledger, some keyboard gangster felt it appropriate to threaten Giants running back Brandon Jacobs and his family if the injured running back didn’t rush for 50 yards and two touchdowns last night.

Jacobs of course was inactive.



Dude then tries to do a complete 180 after catching some flak on Twitter, and actually begged Jacobs to talk out whatever discrepancy they have.


Some people will never get it.

This guy for one doesn’t even have the common sense or knowledge to know that Jacobs was injured and inactive.  Secondly, who in their right mind honestly would add Brandon Jacobs to their roster, and then turn around and expect value out of him.