Heat Trainers Measure Greg Oden’s Knees After Every Practice

Greg Oden is getting in shape.



I guess when you have a chance to help the team, they will go to great lengths to help you stay on the court. According to a TrueHoop piece on Greg Oden he gets his knees measured after every single practice with the Heat:

The recovery during off days and between workouts for Oden have been just as vital as any of the strides he’s made on the court. Oden said trainers measure the size of his knees before and after each workout to gauge for any swelling. If the results are acceptable, the training staff clears Oden for the next day — and next phase — of work.

Otherwise, his workload is lightened.

If Oden can stay healthy and this helps then that’s great for him. We have just seen no evidence at all that says he will last the entire season.