Heat’s Norris Cole Drops Derrick Rose With Crossover (Video)


D-Rose is back, but he almost left again after Heat point guard Norris Cole made him fall with this wicked crossover.  Rose is OK, but he better be careful.

H/T Bleacher Report


4 thoughts on “Heat’s Norris Cole Drops Derrick Rose With Crossover (Video)

  • Norris crossed him but making D Rose fall was Bird man’s knee

    • Man STOP!!! Rose foot went behind Bird’s foot. His ass got crossed and splashed on!!

  • hahaha man rose apologists got excuses for daysss, his ass got crossed plain and simple. the only #return going on yesterday was rose’s return to reality after that fantasy pre-season.

  • You can clearly see that Bird’s leg is what causes the fall. Crossover was ok, but don’t act like this scub is on the same level as D Rose.

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