HS Coach Arrested For Hitting Player In Head With Helmet

Duffman Pannell

First year Ramapo High School varsity football coach, Duffman Pannell, has been arrested for hitting a player in the head with a helmet.  The hit caused Brandon Giralult, a 15 year old junior, to bleed above his left eye.

H/T: USA Today Sports

Pannell was charged with second-degree assault, a felony, based upon the severity of the injuries, and endangering the welfare of a child. He was released without bail by Justice Alan Simon on Monday night for a court appearance scheduled for Tuesday .

Girault, who signed a felony complaint filed by the police with Ramapo Justice Court, wrote Pannell swung the helmet with his right hand in “an upward motion and purposely strike him in the head, causing considerable pain, swelling and bleeding above his left eye.”

Pannell has not been suspended, but has been released from his coaching duties and teaching his social studies classes while the Ramapo, NY police and the school district investigate the complaint.  No disciplinary charges have been filed.