Iowa St HC Paul Rhoads Rants on Officials After Texas Loss (Video)

Iowa st

After more than a few questionable calls tonight, Iowa State lost at home to Texas 31-30. Most notably, there was a fumble by Longhorns RB Johnathan Gray that everyone outside of Austin thought should have been called that wasn’t. Rhoads is a pretty excitable coach so we know the rant would be good after this one. He does have a legit gripe here.

3 thoughts on “Iowa St HC Paul Rhoads Rants on Officials After Texas Loss (Video)

  • That was definitely a fumble on the one yard line. The refs sided with Texas. Makes you wonder with the Red River Rivalry next week as well as Mack Brown on the hot seat. No doubt a call to preserve the integrity and strength of the Big 12 conference.

  • No doubt Iowa State got screwed because they’re Iowa State. College football is definitely a popularity contest (Just ask Boise State). They won’t admit it, but ESPN and the NCAA don’t like small schools; bad for ratings!

  • Big 12 Conference executives remember two years ago how Iowa State beat Oklahoma State. That game cost the conference millions.

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