Isiah Thomas Regrets Not Shaking MJ’s Hand in 1991 Playoffs (Video)

Isiah Jordan

Hindsight is always 20/20, so it’s understandable when a person is able to look back and realize they made a mistake.

It might take some time, but most people are able to recognize the mistakes that they have made. Former Detroit Pistons’ guard Isiah Thomas is apparently no different. But what he specifically regrets, might be what causes you to raise an eyebrow.

Thomas was doing an interview on NBA TV’s Open Court and when asked whether or not he regrets not shaking Michael Jordan’s hand in the 1991 playoffs, Zeke was surprisingly very candid about the situation looking back.

“Absolutely,” Thomas said. “Now, and the reason why I would is, looking back, in terms of what has happened, had I taken the chance, we all should have. We should have taken the high road. I would say we resisted, and even myself I resisted, for a good six to eight months. We had dethroned the Celtics. We had dethroned the Lakers. And we thought we deserved a little bit of respect as a champion.”

At the time, the bad blood between the Pistons and Bulls would make the rivalries of today look like a joke. Remember, the Pistons are the ones who invented the ‘Jordan Rules’ when playing against him.

I guess time really does heal all wounds. Good to see Isiah isn’t still bitter about getting beat.



One thought on “Isiah Thomas Regrets Not Shaking MJ’s Hand in 1991 Playoffs (Video)

  • Only because he knows that’s partly why Zeke wasn’t on the Dream Team selection in 91′. Lets not forget the AllStar freeze out of 84′. We all know MJ is the GOAT and the GOAT of holding a grudge and using it as motivation, I’m sure Zeke realized that some time ago.

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