It’s Ok to Criticize Tony Romo Unless You’re Part of the Skiptized Media


I want you to watch this video.

It’s Lolo Jones at the 2008 Olympics. She is staring at a Gold Medal before hitting a hurdle and losing the race. Do we give her credit for running 80 of the 100m well? Does she get a “Moral Victory” medal? No, a loss is a loss in any sport.

There will be sports media talking heads today who will tell you that you are an idiot or out of your mind if you dare speak badly of Tony Romo  and on the flip side there will be media members who will tell you Romo is the worst QB of all time.

Don’t be manipulated by the Skiptized media. Their only job is to give “extreme takes” or in some cases they are so arrogant they believe they believe their opinions are facts. You are intelligent people, don’t be fooled. Common sense will tell you what happened in the Broncos vs. Cowboys game.

Everything doesn’t have to be black or white, there are some grey areas, but in this case it is as clear as day.

Tony Romo isn’t a bad quarterback, in fact he is a good quarterback. For 58 minutes he put on a masterful performance when his defense wasn’t doing him any favors. It was the type of performance that in the barbershop 10 years from now they would have said….

“You remember that time Romo…………”

They might still say that, but for a different reason now.

People don’t remember how you start, they remember how you finish.

If I got out on a first date with a young lady. I wine and dine her like she has never been wine and dined before. I say and do all the right things to make her heart flutter. I have her fall instantly in love with me and then when it comes down to close the deal, I am a two minute brother, what do you think she is going to remember most?

Yes, she might give me another chance and she might appreciate the night overall, but she will always remember when it was time to put it down I threw a pick 6 in the bedroom.

If you throw 8 innings of perfect ball, up 3-0 and then give up a grand slam in the 9th inning, what do you think people are going to remember?

If you win the first two sets of the final at Wimbledon 6-0, 6-0 and then proceed to lose the next three sets, what do you think people are going to remember?

If you are up two shots at the Masters and triple bogey on 18, what do you think people are going to remember?

If you messed around and got a triple double in Game 7 on the NBA finals, were down 1 point and missed two free throws that could win the championship, what do you think people are going to remember?

If you are the greatest Regular Season Quarterback of all time, but are 9-11 in the playoffs, what do you think people are going to remember?

Fair or unfair, people remember finishers.  It is the reason why Tom Brady is ahead of Peyton Manning in most people’s mind.  It is the reason the Giants could go 0-16, but if you ask people who would they have more confidence in if a playoff game had to won, many would say Eli.  It is why Joe Montana who stats pale in comparison to most modern day quarterbacks is still considered the best of all time.  It is the reason Elway >>> Marino.  This isn’t new.  You want to be a quarterback in the National Football League, you will be judged by wins, losses and rings, not stats.  Ask Philip Rivers or Matt Ryan would they rather have stats of Joe Flacco’s ring?

Tony Romo is the quarterback of the DALLAS COWBOYS. This isn’t the Panthers, Vikings, Jaguars and etc, this is the DALLAS COWBOYS. Just being great for 58 minutes doesn’t cut it. Of course it wasn’t all his fault and if it wasn’t for him the Cowboys would have been blown out, but when you are the quarterback and you have a chance to lead your team to victory with 2 minutes to go in the game and you throw an interception, it doesn’t matter if you threw for 1000 yards and 10 TDs, you deserve to be criticized.

Romo is a stand up guy, who always takes responsibility for what happens on the field, but for the media high horsers who want people to just ignore what happened in those final minutes are just athlete groupies who are worse than Basketball Wives.

No coffee for Romo, because he simply isn’t a closer and no amount of yards can change that.

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  • Romo a good quarterback? Please tell me you’re kidding.

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