J.R. Smith’s Brother Chris Says He “Earned” His Knicks Job

Chris Smith Says He Earned His Roster Spot.

Most people expected Chris Smith to make the Knicks roster because of family affiliation with brother J.R.

Before J.R Smith resigned with New York over the summer, he made it known that playing with his brother was a big deal. Well, J.R. got his wish granted.

Chris Smith will be guaranteed $490,000 if he’s still on the roster by the team’s season opener on Wednesday. Many people speculate that his spot on the team was practically handed to him but he disagrees with that notion.

“I can’t even have a social media because people are coming at me because they think my situation is something different,” Chris Smith said. “I feel like I earned my position on the team and I’m going to keep on earning my way here.”

Only time will tell.