Jaguars Mascot Shot with Paintballs After Losing Colts Bet (Video)


For reasons that no one will ever understand, the Jaguars mascot Jaxson De Ville placed a bet with the Blue Horse Colts mascot as to who would win Sunday’s game. According to CBS Sports, the bet got increasingly stupid as it involved being shot by paintballs dressed in a speedo and spandex.

 Ok @BlueColtsMascot here’s the bet: Loser wears spandex and speedo and takes paintballs from 10yds! Number of paintballs=total pts! #Jaguars

— Jaxson DeVille (@JaxsonDeVille) September 26, 2013

The final score of the game was 37-3 so my best guess is that Jaxson is an undercover masochist.