Jamal Lewis Says Johnny Manziel Will Be Next Tim Tebow (Video)


Jamal Lewis was a beast of a running back in the NFL for years until injuries and the breakdown of his body caused his quick exit from the game.

Lewis of course helped the Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl his rookie year, rushed for 2,066 yards in the 2003 season(3rd-most of all-time), and broke the single game rushing during the 2003 season with 295 yards.

With that said, Lewis knows a thing or two about the game of football, so it was shocking to some when Lewis gave this response to TMZ  about what he thought of Texas A&M star Johnny Manziel.


What do my readers think?

Did Jamal Lewis do Johnny Football a disservice by comparing him to Tebow?  

In Jamal’s defense, he let the TMZ guy lead him right into the Manziel diss.