Jason Collins Joins Team Twerk In Gay Kickball League


NBA season is almost upon us and training camps around the league opened last week. Free agent Jason Collins has yet to be picked up, so in efforts to fill some of his spare time he has joined a gay kickball league.

H/T: TMZ Sports

The 34-year-old took the field in the Varsity Gay kickball league in Hollywood this week — playing 1st base for “Team Twerk.”

Collins was a little rusty on the field — dropping an easy pop fly in the beginning of the game, but our gay kickball sources tell us he quickly got his act together and played like a stud the rest of the game.

Collins new role as first baseman does not mean that he’s given up on the NBA. He’s still hoping to land on a roster and is mainly used as Team Twerk’s fill-in player.

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  • Fuck the gay Agenda. Gays can have a kickball league and you get love for joining, but we’re hated by whites for having Black Entertainment Television. That’s why other countries cheered when the Towers got hit.

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