Jason Terry Wears His Opponent’s Shorts The Night Before Games


Many athletes have a very structured routine before games. Some listen to a certain song to get them hype, some eat a very specific pre-game meal, and in the case of Nets’ guard Jason Terry, some wear the shorts of their opponent the night before the game.

H/T: NY Times

The night before each game, he wears the opposing team’s uniform shorts to bed, a habit that tests his wife’s patience. On game day, a few hours before tipoff, he eats a meal that involves chicken. On the court, a headband and high socks have been must-wear accessories since college. If he misses consecutive shots during the first quarter, he changes his sneakers during the next intermission.

The custom began in 1997, when he and Arizona teammate Mike Bibby were so excited about their National Championship game against Kentucky that they wore their uniforms to bed.

“We were like: ‘Let’s just get ready for this game. Let’s get the uniform on. We’re going to be ready,’ ” Terry said, imitating their youthful aggression. “And we got to the game and ended up winning, so it’s something I kept doing.”

After a while, Terry grew tired of wearing his own uniform to bed and started wearing the shorts of his opponents.

Pretty cool ritual and the story behind it is even better.