Jerry Jones: Deion Sanders could have Shut Down Megatron

Calvin Johnson

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has shown time and time again that he is a huge fan of his own team. Always defending them, sometimes to a fault. It’s a situation where it makes it hard for you to consider his opinion unbiased when talking about the Cowboys.

But even if Jerry is letting the fan in him come out with these comments, I find it a very interesting argument. Jones had this to say when asked whether or not he believes one Deion Sanders could have shut down Lions’ wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

“Yes, I do. That’s just it,” Jones said Tuesday on KRLD-FM. “Deion has such catch-up speed and he had real good center-field ability, and I mean that in baseball term but in football sense. He could really play the ball and he had such ability to get into position to play the ball.

“Now, you’re talking about the greatest cover guy maybe that’s played this game. I’ve seen where he’s been declared the greatest cover guy. Hall of Famer,” he said. “But I do think he could do a real good job on Johnson. Johnson’s going to get some probably, but I think he could do a great job. Deion’s a great player.”

Does he have a point?

I think it would depend on your definition of ‘shut down.’ Do I think Prime would have let Megatron go for 329 yards against him? Of course not. I think by most football experts, Sanders is the greatest corner of all-time. So he would have certainly done a much better job than the Cowboys corners did Sunday.

But in fairness I do believe Megatron is the best receiver by a substantial margin in today’s game. Do I think Calvin could get something in the neighborhood of… 5-6 catches for 70 yards? It’s plausible.

One thing I do know. I would pay good money to see the match-up happen.