Jim Boeheim Says Paying Student Athletes Is “Idiotic”

Jim Boeheim

One of the hot topics recently regarding college sports is whether or not student athletes should be compensated.  While some college coaches have come out in support of paying college football and basketball players, Jim Boeheim is strongly against it.

“That’s really the most idiotic suggestion of all time,” Boeheim said. “I don’t believe players should be paid. I believe they are getting a tremendous opportunity.”

Boeheim said that student athletes in financial need are awarded pell grants on top of getting a free education and some are able to use the college exposure to secure careers in professional sports.

I’m not sure when type of lens Boeheim is looking through but the vast majority of student athletes do not go on to play professional sports and the value of a college degree isn’t what it once used to be. (I’ve seen many a people with college degrees deliverying pizzas in order to support themselves.) Athletic departments make a lot of money and coaches, including Jim, live very comfortable lifestyles off of the money that college sports generate.  Seem kind of selfish if you ask me.