John Elway: ‘I can still sling it, I just can’t get hit’


After reports came out that Brett Favre had been contacted by teams, Fox Sports 1 asked him if he still had it in him to play. His answer was revealing on how legendary QB’s view themselves:

“I can sling it, I just can’t get hit,” said Elway, now the Denver Broncos’ executive vice president of football operations. “That’s the hard thing about playing in this league when you play for a long, long time is the body goes before the mind. And I think that the older you get when you’re playing, you feel like you get better because the fact that the experience helps you so much and the knowledge of the game helps you so much.

“What we don’t realize is that the body doesn’t go along with the mind. The body goes in the other direction.”

The 53-year old has a valid point. His arm talent was as good as anyone we have ever seen. However, he would have to spend the whole week in the cold tub after a game.