Josh Cribbs on Jets: ‘At least we aren’t the Browns’


Josh Cribbs spent 8 years with the Browns so he knows what losing feels like. He also should know what a bad team looks like when he sees it. After getting beat down by the Bengals on Sunday, Josh took a shot at his former team in an effort to prop up his current one:

“We’re not the Browns,” Cribbs told Newsday on Sunday. “We’re not the team that gives up. We have fight in this team. They’re a motivated bunch of young guys. I’m just happy to be here and be able to contribute … Love it here.

“We lost. It’s going to be a lesson for us and we’re going to play harder,” said Cribbs. “It’s good that (loss) comes now because we’re still in the mix of this. We’re halfway through the season.”

He later said that he was misquoted, which given the full quote is hard to see but we can pretend to go with it:

It’s ok Josh, we understand. Even though he probably shouldn’t have said that, lets also take a moment to say that sending threats to players via Twitter is still lame.