Kansas City Chiefs Fans Aim to Break Seahawks’ Noise Record


Earlier this season, Seattle Seahawks fans set the record for the loudest crowd noise in an outdoor sports stadium, and now there is a competition with another sports franchise to try to break the Seahawks fans record. The surprising unbeaten Kansas City Chiefs have given their fans something to cheer for again after winning only two games in the 2012 season. According to the Miami Herald a group of Chiefs fans have organized an attempt to outdo the Seahawks fans.

Ty Rowton is one of the people that has put together this idea for the Kansas City fan base. According to Rowton:

“The organization made a commitment to fans to make wholesale changes from top to bottom to turn this around, and we felt with that commitment, us fans needed to rally around this team and come back together. Our mission was to restore Arrowhead.”

The Chiefs fans are all in on this attempt. They put up $700 to move forward the approval of the record attempt and the Chiefs organization paid the remaining cost of the $7500 to have the adjudicator from the Guiness World Records to fly to KC for the game. Seating capacity at Arrowhead stadium is 76,416, which is approximately 10,000 more fans than the Seahawks stadium can hold.

Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson had this to say about the idea:

“I hope we do break the record with the noise level, but if we don’t, I know it’s going to be loud. I can barely hear when I’m out there. So as long as our crowd keeps that up, we’ll be just fine.”

There is a lot that goes into breaking this record, including good weather, so best of luck to the Arrowhead faithful.