Kanye West Compares Himself to Jesus and David Stern (Video)

Kanye West Jesus David Stern

With individuals like Kanye West when they go on these rants, if you eliminate some of the bluster and white noise, you can see their point.

I understand what he is trying to say, I really do, even if he sounds like he Tina Turner after she left the United States.

Talented people are often a little imbalanced in the head. If Kanye wasn’t like this, he wouldn’t be Kanye West he would be Papoose or Rich Boy. It is because he is like this that people are interested.

Just remember that, when you try to conform to the masses, you are normally ignored by the masses.

Check out Yeezy comparing him to Jesus and David Stern (Stern can be a jerk too, so that makes perfect sense).

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  • Animal . Stupid animal . Acting all tough , who the f is he going to beat up . A tv Tough guy.

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