Ken Griffey Jr Says It’s Fine His Son Plays Football


Superstar athletes who have sons are always expected to have their kids play whatever sports they did. Fans want to see these children go on to be great as their dads were, but that’s not always the best road to follow. As we know it’s always difficult to live up to a legend. Ken Griffey Jr is one parent who understands that and is supportive of whatever his kids want to pursue.

TMZ is reporting that Griffey was actually in attendance at last night’s USC/Arizona matchup to watch his son, Trey Griffey, do his thing on the field. Trey is a freshman WR for the Arizona Wildcats and his dad is completely ok with it. Ken Griffey Jr had this say about his son’s decision:

“He loves football…and as a parent, I’ve got to be supportive of that. You can’t tell your child what to love and not to love.”

It’s good to know that Griffey Jr understands this. Coming from a well respected lineage of baseball in his family, at least we know there was never any pressure on Trey Griffey to play baseball as well.