Kevin Durant Says Analysts Shouldn’t Rate Players Since They Never Played


Kevin Durant gives Philly some advice.

Just because you understand something doesn’t mean you have to like it.

I understand why we in the media like to do rankings and lists. I understand why fans fight over their Top 5 or 10 or who is better than who.

With that being said I think it is so stupid. So, so stupid.

If I think CP3 is better than Tony Parker who the hell cares? It is my opinion, you can’t tell me my opinion is wrong. You like Manning over Brady? Great, why would I care? ESPN thinks Kobe is 25th best player in the NBA? Awesome, I don’t think Kobe is going to lose any sleep over it.

But, I will say this, I 100% disagree with this statement by Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant Tweet

Players have biases as well and we know they aren’t the greatest talent evaluators (right MJ) but the bigger point is just relax. They are just personal lists, no need for you to get all hot under the collar about.

Settle down.


  1. He’s not being real, he’s being emotional. He comments on rap battles on Twitter, and doesn’t battle. I’m sure he comments on other things that he doesn’t do. Get off Kobe’s dick, he got rated #25, plus he’s trying to bEAT you. He’s not your friend, fuck him, and fuck the Lakers and their faggot-ass fans.

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