Kevin Ware Returns to Practice After Gruesome Broken Leg

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The last time we saw Louisville guard Kevin Ware on the court, he severely fractured his leg in an Elite Eight game against Duke. It was one of the most gruesome injuries you will ever see. Today some good news came out about Ware’s progress according to the Louisville Courier-Journal:

“He has a clean bill of health,” coach Rick Pitino said Friday. “He can play all-out at the end of the month.”

Pitino said Ware has been cleared to begin basketball workouts immediately, but while he may be physically ready to return to the court, Pitino cautioned he may still need to get past his injury mentally.

It’s great for him to get back on the court so soon after that injury. I wonder if he will have any issues mentally once he gets out on the court. Either way, this is good news for Louisville fans.