Keyshawn Johnson Says He Never Witnessed Warren Sapp Offer Cash for Dirty Hits


Recently former NFL star, Warren Sapp, made the declaration that he funded a bounty program for hard hits. However, TMZ Sports is reporting that Sapp may be lying. We all know that Warren Sapp is one of those guys that likes to talk just to be heard, and now his former teammate of four years in Tampa, Keyshawn Johnson, is saying he never saw any of this bounty program that Sapp supposedly masterminded.

“I didn’t witness it, nor have I ever heard of it.”

Keyshawn did follow up by saying there is a possibility that he just wasn’t informed.

“Because of the type of person [Sapp] is, it wouldn’t be farfetched that he would do something like that.  I wouldn’t put it past him.”

It still sounds suspicious though. To share a locker room for four years and be out of the loop doesn’t sound right. My guess would say that, as usual, Sapp is just talking just to talk.