Killer of The Son Adrian Peterson Fathered Charged With 2nd Degree Murder


Joseph Robert Patterson

My hope is that Adrian Peterson’s celebrity status puts a spotlight on why it is so important to be aware who you are leaving your children with.

If you have to do a background check or potential boyfriends/girlfriends please do. Joseph Patterson has a long criminal history that included child abuse and shouldn’t have been left taking care of a child.

Hopefully, he never sees the outside of a jail again.

The man who allegedly beat Adrian Peterson’s 2-year-old son to death was just charged with second degree murder … TMZ has learned.

Joseph Patterson was charged with second degree murder and 2 counts of first degree manslaughter, as well as aggravated battery of an infant. He was also charged with felony child abuse.

If he is found guilty the 2nd degree murder charge carries a mandatory life sentence.


  1. Or more important to learn how to use a condom and stop making children with any and everybody. Children don’t ask to come here, we bring them here in situations we know better not to.

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