Kim Kardashian Posts a Booty Pic & The Internet Goes Nuts (Photos)



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I am not exactly sure why people are going crazy like we didn’t know she had a booty and is attractive.

Maybe it was because she had the baby and was a little plump for a minute which was to be expected, but it isn’t like we haven’t seen here naked before (if you haven’t check these out).

But, for my bros.

Kim Kardashian Ass


    • Everyone knows by now it’s fake but people don’t care anymore especially certain men, but hey I guess some people are more partial to others than other people. I don’t care what the next chick does with her body I just hate hypocrisy.

  1. All of that ass and chest is as fake as a three dollar bill. I would rather have Ashanti or Beyonce over this porn star. Sistas come first!

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