Kobe Bryant on Return: “When I’m Ready, I’m Ready”

Kobe Boyn In The Hood Photoshop

Kobe doesn’t know why you guys need to know when he is coming back.

“I just keep it all open right now,” Bryant said Wednesday before joining the Los Angeles Lakers on their flight to Las Vegas for a preseason game. “I don’t know why you guys are so hell-bent on timelines. It’s like the most ridiculous thing to me. It’s entertaining. When I’m ready, I’m ready.”

And how will he know he is ready to play again?

“Because I feel comfortable,” Bryant said. “I’ll feel comfortable getting out there and jumping and I won’t feel like I have ‘Bambi’ legs or anything like that where my mobility is limited when taking off. So, I’ll know then.”

Don’t worry Lakers fans it won’t be a Derrick Rose situation, Kobe will be back at some point this season.