Kobe Bryant Says Even If He Isn’t the Same, He’ll Figure it Out like Mayweather

Kobe Floyd Mayweather

As athletes retire we only seem to remember them at their peak, sometimes we forget at the end, the adjustments they had to make to continue to play at a high level.

Michael Jordan wasn’t so much “Air Jordan” at the end and Floyd Mayweather isn’t the same guy who knocked down Diego Corrales (RIP) five times many years ago.

The Kobe we see now isn’t the Kobe who dropped 81 on the Raptors and now coming off an Achilles injury, he knows that even more adjustments will have to be made.

“Maybe I won’t have as much explosion,” Bryant says. “Maybe I’ll be slower. Maybe I’ll lose quickness. But I have other options. It’s like Floyd Mayweather in the ring. There’s a reason he’s still at the top after all these years. He’s the most fundamentally sound boxer of all time. He can fight myriad styles at myriad tempos. He can throw fast punches or off-speed punches, and he can throw them from odd angles.”

Every boxer isn’t Floyd Mayweather and every NBA player isn’t Kobe Bryant, we will see what happens when Bean steps back on the court, but would you bet against him?

One thought on “Kobe Bryant Says Even If He Isn’t the Same, He’ll Figure it Out like Mayweather

  • If the copy cat black mamba wants to get a sixth ring, he must go to another team. The Lackers are just as dysfuctional as the USC Trojans. The head coach has never played in the NBA Finals, and the owner couldn’t even manage the LA Sparks correctly. Expect more dissapointment this season Lacker fans!

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