Kobe Leaves the Country to Have Undisclosed Medical Procedure


Deer Antler?

Can you imagine if this happened in baseball? If a star player just disappeared to have a secret medical procedure in an unknown country, the internet would explode. A-Rod can’t go to Hooters without being excused of putting some steroids in the wings.

When it happens in the NBA, people just shrug.

4 thoughts on “Kobe Leaves the Country to Have Undisclosed Medical Procedure

  • Exactly , because even that surgery they get in Germany from that one doctor is highly suspect. and most likely involves HGH.

    • Laughable comment. I work in medicine and the treatment in Germany is not suspect at all, it involves blood platelet spinning and replacement. The doctor who devised the method is an expert in the field. You have no clue what you are talking about. Always amazes me when people like yourself talk without knowledge.

  • Don’t forget Hedo Turkoglu was suspended for steroids. I guess it’s safe to assume that A-list players get preferential treatment from the NBA.

    P.S. I think Lebron is using the Marion Jones juice too.

    • What are you basing your statement on? You have zero evidence of any wrongdoing by Lebron, he was 240 in high school. Just because you have never trained at an elite level, does not mean that someone with a good physique is using. You act like people only gain muscle through nefarious means. Your statement is bullshit.

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