Kobe Says Players Steal His Moves Like He Stole Jordan’s Moves

Kobe Bryant took some of Michael Jordan's game.


The great Michael Jordan said today he would beat LeBron James 1-on-1 in his prime. As you may expect, that comment created debate all over social media outlets.

There was one player Jordan wasn’t too sure about and that’s none other than Kobe Bryant.

In his prime, Michael Jordan thinks he would have defeated LeBron James and other NBA legends in a game of one-on-one. But there’s one matchup Jordan wasn’t sure about.

“I don’t think I would lose,” Jordan said, “other than to Kobe Bryant because he steals all of my moves.”

There’s no shame in stealing moves from the greatest player to ever do it.

Kobe is looking to copy Jordan in another aspect and that’s championship rings.


5 thoughts on “Kobe Says Players Steal His Moves Like He Stole Jordan’s Moves

  • Kids watch the NBA and then go out to the playground and emulate their favorite players moves…..so everybody has copied somebodys moves….that just the way it is.

    • that is correct, but in the case of kobe, his game is almost an exact copy of MJ’s so the people aren’t stealing “his” moves , they are stealing MJ’s moves from him

  • Just remember one thing, Kobe may copy Jordan, but he will never be better than Jordan! By the way, does anybody own a pair of Kobe Bryant shoes?

  • Kobe can imitate Jordan but he will never be better than Jordan.

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