Kyrie Irving Believes Ohio State’s Aaron Craft Has A Place In The NBA

Kyrie Irving Gives Aaron Craft The Vote Of Confidence.

Most people (me included) see Aaron Craft as a very good college basketball player that probably won’t get drafted at the next level.

Craft is entering his senior season and that alone should be a sign that he isn’t NBA material. Your stock drops more and more the longer you stay in school.

Despite all of that, Kyrie Irving believes Craft has a place at the next level.

“Oh yeah. I believe so,” Irving said when asked if Craft could cut it in the NBA. “He’s a leader, he’s a tough defender, he’s been working on his offensive game. I’m interested to see the things that he’s learned from the camp and the things that he’s accomplished this summer in terms of his game and see the difference between his junior and senior year.

“He did well against the other campers. He played me tough and I know he learned a lot at the camp.”

What else is Irving going to say here?

After all, he does play in the state of Ohio.

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  • Craft would stay all four years if he was nba material or not. Some guys find getting a degree important. Even if he got drafted he would probably make more money as a doctor than as a player.

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