Mike D’Antoni Responds to Kobe Bryant’s Position Ranking

Kobe Bryant

After an anonymous survey of General Managers was released naming Kobe Bryant the second best shooting guard in the NBA behind James Harden, Los Angeles Lakers’ head coach Mike D’Antoni was not too pleased. According to the LA Times the second year head coach had this to say.

“You know how good he played last year, my gosh, nobody plays better than him,” D’Antoni said of the 35-year-old superstar. “You never know what’s behind their thinking but I’m sure that those 30 execs would get him in a second.”

Most of these GMs would trade their entire team for Kobe Bryant in a heartbeat so why slight him? I would not want to be on Kobe Bryant’s bad side. He is known to take things personal.

D’Antoni was later asked whether he thinks the snub was done intentionally.

“You know what, I don’t think he went berserk because he’s motivated enough anyway,” D’Antoni said. “It does not matter. This guy is dedicated for Lakers fans, for himself, for us as a team.”

One thing is for sure, those 30 GMs just added fuel to a fire that was sparked by ESPN last week. Kobe will return with a vengeance and whether you are a fan or not, this is something you will not want to miss.

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